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Being from Manchester, I love bees and like many, I'm concerned about the declining population of them. Bees are so important to the ecosystem and keeping us healthy. These Beebombs are made up of 1000s of seeds from 18 native wildflower species, mixed with local, protective clay and sifted, nurturing top soil. 1 pack provides coverage for roughly 21 sq ft / 2mΒ².

Beebombs are designed to ensure creating a diverse and thriving wildflower meadow, they could not be easier to use!

Dorset Wildflower Bee Bombs need no gardening skill, no tilling or sowing in the traditional sense. Just throw your Bee Bombs onto cleared soil and await the blossom of colour and return of native bee and butterfly species.

Bee Bombs can be scattered throughout the year, the clay protects them until they are ready to germinate.

Around 20% will start flowering in the first year. Biennials and Perennials in the mix will start blossoming in the 2nd year.

Beebombs use only sustainable packaging. No single use plastics are used

Image of Seedboms! 🐝 🐈 🌸🌺
Seedboms! 🐝 🐈 🌸🌺
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