Citrus Sunset Soy Wax Candle - Run With Wolves 🐺

Citrus Sunset Soy Wax Candle - Run With Wolves 🐺

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This beautiful scent is hand poured using sustainable soy wax into 250ml aluminium tins (a little garden twist in the usual glass jars) which are fully recyclable and have a burn time of around 60 hours. Each candle is scented with Citronella and May Chang Essential Oils - this citrus scent is beautifully fresh and perfect for summer evenings. 

Inspired by warm summer evenings surrounded by nature, the Citrus Sunset candle is perfect for keeping flies and other crawlies at bay. As much as we love all creatures here at Run with Wolves, they seem to love us a little too much, Citronella Essential Oil is a brilliant natural, non-harmful repellant. 

This candle is the perfect size for summer evenings in the garden, camping trips or even holidays in warmer climates. The aluminium tin allows for easier travel and is unlikely to break in transit.  

Run with wolves candles are made from the finest natural, environmentally friendly soy wax, which burns cleaner and longer. Hand poured in small batches in Manchester. 

All candles are made with a pure organic essential oil blend, no colourants or dyes and use local suppliers for ingredients.  When your have burnt you candle why not use the tin for up-cycling, they are great for for storing herbs, pencils, cotton buds, sweets and more.

- 100% natural soy wax [renewable, sustainable resource, phthalate free]
- 100% organic pure natural Essential Oils
- No colourants or dyes 
- 100% vegan
- Recyclable packaging
- Made in the UK with local supplies