5 apps to help you reduce your food waste (and help others to do the same)

5 apps to help you reduce your food waste

Phew, Christmas is over for another year and there’s no doubt there will be many of you with fridges full of food that’s starting to see better days or that you know you only bought because Auntie Maureen demanded that you have it in (and didn’t end up eating anyway!)

Did you know that over 270,000 tons of food is wasted over the festive season?!  This is an absolutely staggering amount and something we’re really passionate about reducing at #EarthFriendlyRocker so over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our top tips for reducing food waste.  This week, we’re bringing you our favourite apps to help with this.  We’ve included links to all their websites but you can just nip on the App Store for your device and search for them too.


Lady using Olio app to collect green peppers

Let’s face it, we’ve all got stuff in our cupboards that, despite our best intentions, we’re never going to use.  It’s in perfectly good condition and there’s plenty left until the best before date too.  We can’t bear to throw it away but we just know deep down it’s going to languish there.  Maybe you’re going on holiday and you can’t eat enough to empty your fridge before you go? Well meet your new favourite match making app for your unloved food!  Olio is an app designed to match make unloved food with its new owner.  Simply download the app and add your food along with your location.  Encourage your mates to do the same.  You can also use it the other way round to bag some free food as well.  What a lovely way to stop your food going in the bin!

For more on Olio, visit their website here

Too Good To Go

Pie chart showing food waste and an evil bin waiting to receive it all

It’s not just us at home that create food waste, restaurants also contribute to food waste too.  Become a Waste Warrior and bag yourself some restaurant quality food for a bargain too!  Too Good To Go is kind of a restaurant version of Olio.  Restaurants list their surplus meals in the form of “Magic Bags” so you can get a surprise at the end of their service with a bargain meal.  Morrisons have even got in on the act buy listing a magic box full of veg on there for just £1.50!  Simply log on to the app and find out what’s going near where you are at the time you check it out.  There’s different things at different times of the day.  You can even bring your own container to be extra waste savvy.  If you’re bagging a meal for your lunch the next day, why not take one of our stainless steel lunchboxes with you from Manchester based brand Shole?

For more on Too Good To Go, visit their website here

Love Food Hate Waste

OK full disclosure, this USED to be an app but for some reason the app hasn’t been updated in a while.  However, the website is mint so it’s too good not to talk about because of a little tech hiccup.  Love Food Hate Waste has been grafting to help us to reduce our food waste for years now, way before it became a little bit “trendy” to look after our planet (you know it’s true!).  That means they’ve seen lots of fads come and go. They’re an amazing resource to help you store food in the right conditions and stop it spoiling in the first place as well as having some amazing recipes to use those leftovers.  Definitely worth checking out. Why not bagsy some of our vegan wax food wraps to save on the cling film for your leftovers too?  Saving food waste and plastic waste at the same time!

For more on Love Food Hate Waste, visit their website here


Refill tap being used in a cafe

Do you buy lots of bottled water?  Been put off buying a reusable water bottle because you know you drink like a fish? Refill is your saviour!  This location based app will tell you where you can fill up your water bottle for free (without having to buy something).  Lots of chains such as Greggs, Costa and Starbucks have signed up to be Refill stations and there’s lots of independent cafes and bars on there too.  If you’ve not got one already, why not treat yourself to one of our gorgeous stainless steel water bottles from Manchester based start up Shole.  Save pennies and the planet at the same time.

For more on Refill visit their website here


Screenshot of the Gander app in action

Gander is the new kid in the block and as such, it’s not quite fulfilling its potential in the UK yet but we love an underdog so thought we’d include it!  We’re experts at bagsying some of the best stuff on the good old whoopsie aisle in supermarkets but what if you could just find out when things were being marked down without having to gamble on being in the right place at the right time?  Well that’s what Gander is aiming to do.  With just one swipe you can see all the reduced stuff in your area in real time.  We don’t know much about the witchcraft they use for this but it’s definitely got legs to be a game changer once more locations are on there.  Don’t forget to take your bags with you!  We’re big fans of old school Turtle bags, string bags made with organic cotton that are like Mary Poppins’ handbag - they fit everything in!

For more on Gander, visit their website here

If you’re a bit old school then there are absolutely some old fashioned ways to reduce your food waste, more on that one in our next blog.